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In 2010 we started our catering business Piroschka’s Flammkuchen with introducing the delicious Flammkuchen to South Africa. We were one of the first serving Flammkuchen at markets, festivals and restaurants in and around Cape Town. Although it took some time to popularize this French / German dish in South Africa, we are now well-known in Cape Town, Johannesburg and the surrounding areas. We are excited to see so many repeat customers visiting us at festivals and at our weekly market stalls.


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Piroschka's Flammkuchen

Piroschka's I♥Tea


Piroschkas Flammkuchen Classic Piroschkas PersonaliTea Valentine Hearts bases


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- Piroschka’s Flammkuchen

DIY – Make your own Flammkuchen!

If you would like to prepare your own mouthwatering Flammkuchen at home, you can simply place your order with us. We will supply you with all the ingredients you need to prepare your own Flammkuchen!

Flammkuchen bases (4 pieces á R80,-)
Crème Fraiche (350g á R50,-)
Smoked Ham (400g á R60,-)


- Piroschka’s I♥Tea
Unleash your energy with Piroschka’s I♥Tea!

I♥Tea (500ml bottle á R 20,-)

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